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"I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this course. As a teacher, Becky knows what goes into delivering solid lessons, and as a part-time reseller AND YouTuber, she truly knows her stuff first-hand. Becky did a ton of research preparing the lessons, and took so much time out of her life to mentor the cohort - it's truly a labor of love. I highly recommend taking the course in conjunction with the mentorship group - the community building aspect was one of my favorite parts of this course - you won't regret signing up!

- Veronika

Hi, I'm Becky!

I started my YouTube channel documenting my reselling journey in February of 2019. In three years, I was able to grow my YouTube channel to 27K+ subscribers. In the year 2020, I was able to earn $20K from a combination of Google Adsense, sponsored videos, and affiliate marketing. I was able to triple that amount for the year 2021. In this course, I am going to teach you how to grow your Reselling YouTube channel AND how to start earning revenue through your YouTube channel without a huge following.